Cuerpo Romo

9th EDITION/2024

︎︎︎FULL PROGRAM 2024 

Dates of festival: April 13th & 14th 
Location: Plaza Matadero at Matadero Madrid

Performances in singular spaces / Workshops / Video and film-dance exhibitions / Professional meetings / Interventions in natural and urban landscapes / JAM contact-improvisation music sessions / Neighbourhood approach / Citizen dialogue and participation / ....

CUERPO ROMO alludes to the wear and tear of the body in contact with the ground. The dance in the city generates a particular type of dancer that is made to the hardness of the asphalt, it is rounded like a stone. Malleability is a particularity of contemporary dance, necessary to work in the street, to intervene in spaces and to question the public. CUERPO ROMO speaks of a duality: wear and tear and experience, of the inevitable erosion of the body due to time and friction with hard materials. Of the process of formation of a type of resistant and experienced dancer.

Cuerpo Romo is a project of the Elías Aguirre Company, an initiative of choreographer and dancer Elías Aguirre (creation and artistic direction) and Mayda Islas/ SNEO Mestizaje (executive direction and production). In each edition we have teams as professional as they are extensive, so it is not possible to mention them all here. But they know that we appreciate their work.

As for the organisations that support us financially, we know that putting their logo is not everything, so we reiterate our thanks to them and we encourage those who are not yet part of this Cuerpo in movement to do so...